The State of Things

Rock Force development has been rocky lately (no pun intended). Truth be told, I suffered an immense burn out on the game a few years ago and found it difficult to return to it again. However, even with my rekindled inspiration, there has been many things happening in my life that must addressed before I fully return to the project. That’s the important thing, though; I want to return to the project. Therefore, the project WILL be completed.

I won’t offer an ETA for Rock Force, because the last time I did that I was wildly wrong. Also, because the last update of this project is always in a state of evolution I end up adding new ideas that of course take more time to implement, giving me more time to think of new ideas. It’s a gross cycle! But, I’m confident that in this new burst of inspiration will help me finally bring this project to a close.

Things to note: GameMaker has suddenly started acting up. Every month or so, for the past year, it has been harassing me to input my license. I never thought much of it, because it took little effort to just copy and paste the license and get on with things. Now that GameMaker 8.1 is a complete afterthought to yo-yo games, license verification doesn’t work anymore and the putzes that work there won’t help me. I had to find a way around it… which seems to be working, for now. However, I’m fearful that 8.1 might start acting up again while I’m trying to put the final touches on this thing. Hopefully not.

Finally, some of you may have noticed the website went down for a bit this month. I upgraded my server operating system and thought I had all the proper backups ready to go. Turns out, I didn’t for WordPress. Unfortunately, some of the posts of the last two years and the users who registered have been lost. Thankfully, nothing much has happened over the past two years so I guess it didn’t really matter much. Pfff. I am sorry for inconvenience to those who registered recently, though.

The Rock Force Update

A new version of the game is now available on the main website’s Download page. I know this update took a while to release, but I wanted to make sure that, if this ended up being the last update for the game, I would be okay with everything as it is. As such, I spent much more time testing this version of the game than I normally would; thankfully my Super Testers, Mick Galbani and Soulephant, helped a great deal with this process. Also, this update is significantly larger than the last one, which made testing much more of a trial. I’m sure that, despite our efforts, something managed to sneak through, but as long as it doesn’t choke the game, I’ll be happy.

That being said, I do intend to make one final update to the game after this, at least as far as adding new content goes. It’ll be fairly large, but likely not as big as this one. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I’m pretty happy with the game as it is currently. Hopefully I’ll continue to find motivation for the project, but for now I plan to take a break from the game.

Still Working on the Next Update

I know things have gone a bit quiet around here, and I know that usually is a sign that development is slowing down. However, this is not the case; I’ve actually been working quite diligently on the next update, though I’m not sure when I’m going to have it completed since I still have many things left to do. In retrospect, I probably should have split this update into pieces along the way, but now that I’ve started all these threads, I can’t leave them dangling. So, just know that a large update (larger than the last) is still on its way and that, even though I’ve yet to respond, I haven’t ignored the posts on the forums. Also, there will be more updates after this one, though likely not as large.

Harder Bosses Update Available

After quite some time of working, the new update is finally available on the main website’s Download page. As the title would suggest, this update allows you to change the difficulty of the game’s boss encounters, but that’s not all! You can now adjust the difficulty of the stages too. Also, new features have been added to the game’s options menu (all of which are explained in the game’s ReadMe file), utilities have been balanced, the engine has been tweaked, and many, many bugs have been fixed. If you want the full details of what has been changed, I will post a new change log to the forums.

Just a forewarning, the last boss hasn’t been altered too heavily in comparison to some of the others. However, the next update will focus more on thematic elements, Rock Force members, and other bonus content, so I aim to do some modifications to that boss in accordance with these upcoming elements. I’m not sure how long this next update will take to complete, but I’m likely going to be taking a short break before I dive into it.

I also want to thank my two Super Testers, spd12 and Mick Galbani, for their suggestions and helping me get this version ready to go!

Minor fix and the future update

I was made aware of a nasty little bug that would occasionally freeze the game when an energy pellet was collected. I finally located the issue and fixed it with one line of code (it’s amazing how such small things can cause the biggest problems). Anyway, if you had been encountering this issue, an updated version of the game has been made available. No, this is not the update I was referring to before; this update simply fixes this freezing bug and nothing more.

Speaking of that future update, so far I have modified the difficulties of the eight Robot Masters and have begun working on the later bosses. I’ve also made a few other changes, but I’ll keep those a secret for now. Though I can say progress is being made, I have no idea when I’ll have this update finished.

New Version Available

Visit the main website’s download page to get the newest version of Mega Man: Rock Force. Although this update may not be as robust as the last, it still contains some notable new features, including the Menu Module that allows you to exit levels or return to the title screen. Mostly, this update was intended to fix up some issues that I couldn’t fix in the last update; the complete list of changes and additions will be posted in the forums under “Change Logs”. The next update will be much larger in terms of content as I will be focusing on creating more challenging boss battles, adding new modes, and balancing existing utilities. I can’t say when the next update will be done, but given what I aim to change, it’s likely going to take a while.

Game Download will be up again soon!

I’ve finished composing the music I needed for the game… Actually, it’s been done for quite a while now. During the downtime, I decided to correct a few issues with the engine and other problems with the game. I wasn’t able to address everything yet, but hopefully these new features will help improve the experience. So, expect the Download to be up again within the next few days; I just need to test some of these new features to make sure everything’s working properly.