Monthly Archives: April 2021

The State of Things

Rock Force development has been rocky lately (no pun intended). Truth be told, I suffered an immense burn out on the game a few years ago and found it difficult to return to it again. However, even with my rekindled inspiration, there has been many things happening in my life that must addressed before I fully return to the project. That’s the important thing, though; I want to return to the project. Therefore, the project WILL be completed.

I won’t offer an ETA for Rock Force, because the last time I did that I was wildly wrong. Also, because the last update of this project is always in a state of evolution I end up adding new ideas that of course take more time to implement, giving me more time to think of new ideas. It’s a gross cycle! But, I’m confident that in this new burst of inspiration will help me finally bring this project to a close.

Things to note: GameMaker has suddenly started acting up. Every month or so, for the past year, it has been harassing me to input my license. I never thought much of it, because it took little effort to just copy and paste the license and get on with things. Now that GameMaker 8.1 is a complete afterthought to yo-yo games, license verification doesn’t work anymore and the putzes that work there won’t help me. I had to find a way around it… which seems to be working, for now. However, I’m fearful that 8.1 might start acting up again while I’m trying to put the final touches on this thing. Hopefully not.

Finally, some of you may have noticed the website went down for a bit this month. I upgraded my server operating system and thought I had all the proper backups ready to go. Turns out, I didn’t for WordPress. Unfortunately, some of the posts of the last two years and the users who registered have been lost. Thankfully, nothing much has happened over the past two years so I guess it didn’t really matter much. Pfff. I am sorry for inconvenience to those who registered recently, though.