YouTube Playlist of Kevvviiinnn’s music

I’ve compiled a YouTube Playlist of Kevvviiinnn’s music used in Mega Man: Rock Force. In no way am I claiming any right to this music beyond what was given by the composer; this music is free for anyone to use as long as Kevvviiinnn is credited. Each video he posted has a download link in the description.
Kevvviiinnn’s music used in Mega Man: Rock Force

7 thoughts on “YouTube Playlist of Kevvviiinnn’s music

        1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

          Yeah, eventually. Right now I’m trying to focus as much of my attention and effort on the game itself before I start addressing more external features, just in case I eventually burnout on this project.

  1. AxlTheHunter

    You may want to let Kevvviiinnn know that you aren’t affiliated with the user “Stoudemire Ang” who is telling people that they cannot use Kevvviiinnn’s songs because they belong to X-Mans stage in Rockforce essentially implying that you are claiming ownership (with X being the Robot Master you used the particular song for) of the songs. I thought you might want to be made aware of this.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Yeah, I discovered those comments quite some time ago and asked Stoudemire Ang to remove them, but apparently he never did. I assumed Kevin already knew that I wasn’t affiliated with him since he hasn’t yet contacted me with any problems, though I probably should let him know anyway. Thank you for telling me about this.

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