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Visit the main website’s download page to get the newest version of Mega Man: Rock Force. Although this update may not be as robust as the last, it still contains some notable new features, including the Menu Module that allows you to exit levels or return to the title screen. Mostly, this update was intended to fix up some issues that I couldn’t fix in the last update; the complete list of changes and additions will be posted in the forums under “Change Logs”. The next update will be much larger in terms of content as I will be focusing on creating more challenging boss battles, adding new modes, and balancing existing utilities. I can’t say when the next update will be done, but given what I aim to change, it’s likely going to take a while.

3 thoughts on “New Version Available

  1. spd12

    Making one of the best fangames even better! Thanks for the continued work. I’ll be giving this one another spin soon enough (rest of you should too).

    1. hunterdynamo

      Thanks for the update! Already checked the game, and I can surely say it turned out even better than before! Among the new stuff , Beat flying away, falling after slide override fixed and the cutscene image of Justice Man damaged redrawn really stood out, thanks for taking the time to fix such small things!
      By the way, I see there is some free space on the new menu, what about also adding a load option? I have quite a plenty of saves, and think this option would come quite handy to switch between them instead of having to return to the Title Screen.
      I also enjoyed a lot the “press L and R together and return to Mega Buster” thing! It is really useful in the heat of battle.
      Oh, and adding some stuff I forgot to say before:
      – Justice Man’s first form is, in my opinion, too pacific and slow to attack. I mean, as he doesn’t shoot during most part of the battle, he is kind of a too easy target to the player. For example, he could perhaps shoot while jumping (in a Break Man fashion) sometimes, and maybe use the charged shot more often (I’ve actually never seen he use it, but I assume he has one since he matches Rock).
      Regarding this battle, here goes some random ideas:
      If he matches Mega Man physically in ever way, wouldn’t it be cool if he made use of his variable weapon system as well? Perhaps he could use the weapons from the Rock Force members he imprisoned before, or maybe the Robot Rebels weapons? This could mean even a second battle form between the first and the last, and perhaps he could visibly use an L or E tank to recover between them, due to his similarity with Rock?
      -Something minor that called my attention since my first run, is how the charged shots are reflected by the metool’s hat (or similar). I think it would be more visually enjoyable if the energy blast front actually got aimed diagonally, instead of keeping aimed horizontally while flying diagonally.
      -By the way, did you ever think about making Death Man’s battle theme play during Fish Man and Polar Man battle as well? It was a too good theme to play only once in the whole game!
      -I would have mentioned the artwork, but you improved it a lot in some scenes. But pointing out specifically some of them, I’d say Rock’s face when looking the TV News is kind of odd, and Justice Man’s face when he opens his eyes after Dr.Light fixed him is sort of not so much like an official artwork. That’s really minor, relative and personal, though.
      -I don’t know if you noticed this, but if you select to go back to the title screen from the menu in the middle of a stage, the stage screen frame as it was before you paused momentarily flashes before redirecting you to the Title.
      That’s it, anyway. Thanks a lot for putting your effort to make such an amazing game even better!

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