Harder Bosses Update Available

After quite some time of working, the new update is finally available on the main website’s Download page. As the title would suggest, this update allows you to change the difficulty of the game’s boss encounters, but that’s not all! You can now adjust the difficulty of the stages too. Also, new features have been added to the game’s options menu (all of which are explained in the game’s ReadMe file), utilities have been balanced, the engine has been tweaked, and many, many bugs have been fixed. If you want the full details of what has been changed, I will post a new change log to the forums.

Just a forewarning, the last boss hasn’t been altered too heavily in comparison to some of the others. However, the next update will focus more on thematic elements, Rock Force members, and other bonus content, so I aim to do some modifications to that boss in accordance with these upcoming elements. I’m not sure how long this next update will take to complete, but I’m likely going to be taking a short break before I dive into it.

I also want to thank my two Super Testers, spd12 and Mick Galbani, for their suggestions and helping me get this version ready to go!

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