The Rock Force Update

A new version of the game is now available on the main website’s Download page. I know this update took a while to release, but I wanted to make sure that, if this ended up being the last update for the game, I would be okay with everything as it is. As such, I spent much more time testing this version of the game than I normally would; thankfully my Super Testers, Mick Galbani and Soulephant, helped a great deal with this process. Also, this update is significantly larger than the last one, which made testing much more of a trial. I’m sure that, despite our efforts, something managed to sneak through, but as long as it doesn’t choke the game, I’ll be happy.

That being said, I do intend to make one final update to the game after this, at least as far as adding new content goes. It’ll be fairly large, but likely not as big as this one. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I’m pretty happy with the game as it is currently. Hopefully I’ll continue to find motivation for the project, but for now I plan to take a break from the game.

47 thoughts on “The Rock Force Update

  1. willoftheninja

    Loving the new update! I wanted to choke someone when I booted up the game and saw charade woman, but after I realized what happened I lol’d so hard!
    I can’t wait to keep playing your awesome update!

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Thanks! Seems like a lot of people have been talking about Charade Man in this update. I guess you could say he’s stolen the show.


      Hey i have a question. What did you use to create and put together this game? I am working on creating my own, already made robot masters and story and plot and character select screen. But what you use to make your game?


          Oh wow? Is it easy? For my images i use from adobe flash but of coarse ill need a game function. You can make your own music and everything? Hows it work? Sorry for all the questions, just something i wanted to do since i was young and we try to beat all mega man

  2. DoomMan

    Sorry if you do not want to spoil,but what kind of update is it gonna be?Some bug fixes or other stuff to add?I really cannot imagine anything other than more options or maybe endless attack but I hardly think you were doing that 😛

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Oh, I’m going to keep the meat of the update a secret until it releases. =) However, I do plan on adding more to the final battle, adding some collectable secrets to existing levels, and perhaps adding a few more playable characters…

  3. OxyontheWolf

    Can I be frank with the creator of this masterpiece? each Fusion Master should hold another Robot Master captive, the following order
    Thrill Man – Splash Woman
    War Man – Commando Man
    Terror Man – Skull Man
    Flare Man – Heat Man
    Plague Man – Air Man
    Death Man – Shadow Man
    Power Man – Guts Man
    Port Man – Drill Man

    thus beefing the roster from 9 characters to 17 characters! I’d like to have that in the future update

  4. CureLovelyWarrior

    bug report: turning off damage recoil often leads to getting stuck on enemies and killed by repeated damage. It happened to me several times on charademan’s stage, both against enemies and the boss.

  5. hokuto

    Hi, I just found out about this incredible fan game and I must say that it was really a pleasure going through it. I especially liked the playable robot masters, the gimmicks, the fused robot masters, the cerberus midboss, Crypt Man, Death Man and Justice Man. Thanks alot for making this game. I read that another update was planned but that it dates back to 2015. I hope it’s still in the plans and has not been cancelled.

    Good job.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Thank you. Yes, the Final Update is still being worked on. It was supposed to be smaller than the last one, but ended up being bigger somehow. I’m still in the process of adding things.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      It’s one of the things on my list to add, but whether or not I’ll be able to do it is another story. Game Maker 8.1 is a pretty versatile program, but its controller support is surprisingly lacking.

  6. hokuto

    Hi, I really played 100% of the game and as a MegaMan fan since the early days of the NES, I can really say that this is not only one of the best fan games but one of the best MegaMan games I have ever played.

    I honestly can’t really find anything to criticize. It brings many new ideas to the table including being able to play as the robot masters. It makes alot of replayability and their abilities such as Fire Man’s double jump for example make them interesting beyond their weapons.

    I am not a programmer and I realise it must be one hell of job to make everything work but I have a few suggestions:

    Someone mentionned a different final robot master instead of Death Man to go along the new fusion bosses, I thought maybe something like Angel Man or Woman to act as the opposite.

    It would be really nice to add a third form to Justice Man, I always that it would be interesting to fight that giant eagle in the background or have him fuse with his rush equivalent like Bass does with Treble.

    Unlock new playable characters when defeating the fusion bosses but instead of robot masters, maybe StarDroids, MegaMan Killers or the three robots from Wily Wars.

    Have more female robot masters maybe and stick with not having Wily in the game, it’s nice to not have Wily behind everything in the end. Unlockable secrets based on performance like in MegaMan Super Fighting Robot.

    Since to me the game is already perfect, I would basically be adding more material. I know you said you wanted to keep the update a secret but maybe a little trailer would be nice 🙂

    Good job! Two thumbs up.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Thanks for the support! I think, from your requests, I can say that you’ll probably like some of things that have already been added. I have plans to make a release trailer, but I probably won’t be doing any other trailers up to that point.

        1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

          It’s possible I might do two: one that follows the more traditional trailer types and one that’s a bit more unique. If exhaustion gets the best of me, though, and I had to pick between the two, I’d probably lean more toward doing something a bit different.

  7. AlberichGamer

    The last time I played this game was a long time ago, but I’ll give one feedback anyway.

    In the fusion robot masters’ combinations (Terror Man, Plague Man, Flare Man, Power Man vs War Man, Thrill Man, Port Man, Thermo Man), I think you should balance the number of E tanks and lives you give to the player in these stages. I mean, the first combination’s stages has a lot of E tanks and lives that makes unworthy to play the second combination that was released in the last update. Also, as RoahmMythril once said, the Rock Force members should also give you supplies on the second combination’s stages in order to keep the game’s consistency.

    I hope you balance this out. I had lots of fun with your game and I’m willing to play the last update when it comes out 🙂

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into that item balancing issue. As for the Robot Master assists, I’ll probably just remove those entirely since the characters are now playable.

      1. AlberichGamer

        I don’t think people will like the removal of the Robot Master’s assistance, mainly because it was a cool concept. I think that you handled this well by just removing the rock force member when you’ve already selected it for the stage he appears. Nonetheless, you’re the creator of the game and if you think this is the best approach, I won’t mind it that much. Thanks for your repply.

  8. BizarreIdeaMan

    It’s been a while…
    Any meaningful updates to report on the final update, or is it in that stage of production where everything’s just like “stuff is happening, but I can’t show you anything yet”? (As a game developer myself, I know perfectly well what that’s like.)
    Hopefully progress is going well, but take your time. This is easily one of the best and most unique fan-games ever created, and I hope it goes out on a high note!

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Yeah, stuff is definitely getting done. I’ve had quite a few distractions along the way, but nothing to prevent me from working on the game. Thanks for checking in and for the kind words! As a fellow game developer, I wish you luck with your projects.

        1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

          Yeah, it’ll just be a name change or something. I never underestimate peoples’ ability to complain first, research later (if at all).

          1. BizarreIdeaMan

            here’s a possible suggestion: Boom Man
            (you do not have to take this at all)

  9. Dio-ZX

    I know that Fuse is being renamed to Boom, but will his weapon be named Phantom Boom or Boom Fuse? Also, I want to talk with you via Discord, if you even have one. Here’s mine: Dio-ZX#3408

  10. Freezemanfc

    So this thread’s been quiet for a while, and I thought I’d break the silence: will there be any updates to the soundtrack? There were a few songs I thought didn’t sound Mega Man-y, and I was wondering if any music would be reworked or replaced.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Yes. Thanks to a team of kindly and talented musicians, Rock Force will feature an upgraded soundtrack. Melodies are still the same, but they worked their chiptune magic to improve them greatly, and also make them sound… dare I say, more Mega Man-y. Haha. Also, they’ve composed some new tunes as well to help make the game’s soundtrack more robust. Nothing replaced, really, just added to.

  11. Freezemanfc

    Dude, I can’t express how excited I am for this final update. I already love the heck out of Rock Force, and knowing it’s only gonna get better just gets me giddy. I hope the best for you, that you’ll find plenty of enjoyment in the remainder of the development with as little of the stress as possible. Keep up the fantastic work Goldwater!

  12. barberbarberjoe

    Posted this in here, just in case you didn’t see my comment in the “official Fuse Man” status post. If you did, please ignore this.

    Well, it’s nearly been a year since the status post following this one has been posted, so it’s as good a time as any to ask a few new questions.

    First of all, I’ve been wondering for some time now…can the Robot Masters in this game be perceived as revolutionary cultists? Given that they have some level of supernatural powers (combinable energies to possess deactivated RMs, Justice Man in the final battle), unambiguously treat Justice Man as their supreme leader, generally use sinister areas as their bases and have the robe-wearing Crypt Man as their spokesbot.

    Secondly, alongside a Famicom-styled box art by Valo, would it be possible for Karakato to do a Complete Works-styled box art for the game? Seeing how he’s contributed so much art for the Robot Masters of this game, I bet he’d be estatic at the idea.

    Finally, the elephant in the room; how close are you to finishing the game’s final update, anyways?

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