Great. An official Fuse Man.

Welp, guess it’s a good thing I haven’t released the final update to this game yet. However, now I’m not sure what to rename Fuse Man or his weapon. So, if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to comment.

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  1. MegaVile

    Hello, it’s me, MegaVile (the guy who posted the ideas for the fusion master weapon colors.)

    I recently came on down and thought that since Fuse Man has been shot down. (Only took 5 years.) We might as well change it to Blast Man, with the Phantom Blast. Just my thought.

  2. Mick Galbani

    Not the BEST idea, but perhaps some kind of ‘Detonate Man’?

    It’s within the general character limit (Tomahawk Man), and detonators are in line with his theming. Doesn’t really work for Phantom Fuse (Phantom Detonator is _really_ long), but you really don’t need to rename Phantom Fuse, shouldn’t be any confusion there.

        1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

          Alright, I think I’m gonna go with Boom Man then! Makes things easier, since it’s still four letters, and it sounds like a name the robot master himself would capitalize on.

          “Boom, baby!”

          Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

          1. barberbarberjoe

            Incidentally, that’s the name I was about to suggest (late to the party). Between this and Unlimited’s Trinitro Man debacle, explosives-themed Robot Masters sure are prone to getting their original names used officially.

            That said, this should be easy to fix in the game, right?

          2. GoldwaterDLS Post author

            Yeah, compared to everything else, it’s not that big of a deal to fix. It’s just another small thing I didn’t feel like doing. =/

          3. thisusernameismine

            hey man, any foreseeable release date for the final version? also, i have a question since i haven’t played the second version and was waiting for the final one, can you please tell me what are the the main differences between the first one and the second

          4. GoldwaterDLS Post author

            Nah, I already tried to give a release date before and ended up being very very wrong. Also, all the detailed changes between versions can be found in the Change Logs here. Basically, the biggest changes were that the Rock Force members became playable, alternate Fusion Masters appeared depending on who was the last Robot Master defeated, a different final level, and a revamped ending.

          5. barberbarberjoe

            As a compromise, is it possible to at least give out a rough percentage (in numbers) of how much of it is completed? Just to give people a general idea of how close you are to the goal, is all.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Hmm, that would be a third for Wick Man, since it was one that crossed my mind too. I do like it, but I think I’ll be sticking to Boom Man. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. crf_stewarje

    Will the new update be like a completely different game? The fact that you’ve been working on it for three years, paints a picture of how big the update could be.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      I won’t deny that there have been quite a few significant additions, but I also don’t want to over-hype people on what’s going to be included. I guess I’d say it’s the same cake, but I’m adding twice the layers. =V Also, in recent months, I haven’t been working on it as faithfully as I used to, but I think that’s because I suffered a bit of burn out from it. However, I’m forcing myself back into the swing of things.

      1. crf_stewarje

        With the way development is sounding, it seems like this update may not be coming out until late 2018, or even 2019. Oh well; it’s done when it’s done. Keep up the good work.

      2. barberbarberjoe

        Regardless of whenever it’ll come out, at least we’ll have a pretty good alternative to Mega Man 11, in case that falls short. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Do take your time!

  4. Rokim21

    Unrelated to the name issue,but are you planning on adding a New Game+? It would be great to be able to play with any character from the intro stage to the ending scenes. It would be incredible to see something like that coming in the next update,for sure I would play with everyone.

  5. Themanofmultimedia

    was thinking on maybe Explode Man or Explosion Man…maybe Detonate Man?

    also I don’t know if It’s too much to ask, but perhaps making the game compatible with different controllers, like gamepads? I use a Xbox One controller because outside of Doom Mods, I’m not really that great with keyboards.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Good suggestions, though I think Boom Man is pretty conclusive at this point. Controller support is a planned feature for this final release; it had been put off up this point because integrating it would require a complete revision of much of the game’s code and I felt there were more pressing matters to attend to at the time. Now I have no excuse… =V

      1. barberbarberjoe

        That’s excellent to hear! =D

        Here’s to hoping the release will get finished someday, though. I think you’ve reached the point where it’s far too late to ask you for any more changes.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Eh, while I’d like to, I have a feeling people would be getting on my case about it without doing any research; so, best to just avoid the problem altogether by changing it.

  6. barberbarberjoe

    Say, when the update is finally finished, will you be setting up a YouTube account? Otherwise it’d be kinda tricky to get many people aware of the update.

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Not really sure what I’m going to do to spread the news; usually, I’ve just relied on word of mouth up to this point. Things I know want to do, though: give the game a proper trailer and revamp this website a bit. Other than that, I guess I’m more concerned with just getting the game done in the first place. =V

        1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

          Well, aside from the new musicians and any testers willing to provide feedback, itโ€™s just me. Itโ€™s been that way since the beginning, so not to worry! The update will get done, eventually.

          1. barberbarberjoe

            Oh, and there’s asking RoahmMythril about one last run through the game, too.

            By the way, it seems that Mike Crain has taken up the reins for the Mega Man Revolution Remix project. I find it interesting that between that, Rock Force’s final update and MegaPhilX working on a follow-up to Unlimited, it looks like the trio of 2013’s most noteworthy Mega Man fan developers are officially back in action!

  7. barberbarberjoe

    Well, it’s nearly been a year since this status post has been posted, so it’s as good a time as any to ask a few new questions.

    First of all, I’ve been wondering for some time now…can the Robot Masters in this game be perceived as revolutionary cultists? Given that they have some level of supernatural powers (combinable energies to possess deactivated RMs, Justice Man in the final battle), unambiguously treat Justice Man as their supreme leader, generally use sinister areas as their bases and have the robe-wearing Crypt Man as their spokesbot.

    Secondly, alongside a Famicom-styled box art by Valo, would it be possible for Karakato to do a Complete Works-styled box art for the game? Seeing how he’s contributed so much art for the Robot Masters of this game, I bet he’d be estatic at the idea.

    Finally, the elephant in the room; how close are you to finishing the game’s final update, anyways?

    1. GoldwaterDLS Post author

      Radicals, yeah, but I wouldn’t go so far to call them “cultists” since Justice Man didn’t exactly brainwash them into his line of thinking. I wouldn’t say they deify him either, since Justice Man greatly appreciates their contributions to the cause and lets them know they are just as valuable as he is in making this all come together (like Crypt Man and Shock Man). Also, to downplay the near magical aspects, two new characters are being introduced in the update that better explain how Justice Man transferred his code to others, and the technology behind their combined energies. Oh, and the RMs didn’t pick the locations so much as just use the places they used to work at. =V

      I’m glad to see more in depth thinking about the story, though! There are so many smaller details that I don’t really get to cover well in the style of an 8-bit Mega Man game (because you don’t want to make things too chatty or drawn out). So, some details, like how the energies recombine, sorta just boil down to your own imagination. That said, it certainly warms my heart to see someone giving thought to what’s happening with these characters, below the surface. Also, just that my game is being thought of in general, really. =V

      Yeah, I want to use Karakato’s artwork as an alternative banner to the forums at some point, showcase the individual arts in a more robust character profile page, etc. Though, all of this is to be done after I’m finished with the actual project. It’s sad, because the update is mostly done, I just have been having a lot of… distractions and motivational issues lately. Still, it will get there; just when is unknown at the moment.

      1. barberbarberjoe

        I see, thank you. Also, it did seem like the near-mystical stuff was a case of “maybe magic, maybe mundane”, so I’m glad to see you address this issue (and I’ll be looking forward to these mystery characters). Also, makes sense they’d use their former workplaces (though I imagine Shock Man had the most issues about that, poor guy). In any case, glad to see you appreciate my line of thought, especially in a time when fan activity here is non-existent.

        Don’t worry man, I’m sure you’ll get reinvigorated again sooner or later. Summer might help with that, I think. But yeah, the main site will definitely need to be updated eventually. I’m not even going to entertain the notion of asking about new stuff until everything’s said and done.

        All that being said, thank you for the prompt response!

  8. AgusTTBlue

    Hi, I’ve noticed that it has been like three years since you haven’t posted anything here about the aforementioned “final update” that you were working on for Mega Man Rock Force, and since I didn’t find more information about your whereabouts, I would like to ask:

    Is this project still alive?

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