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    Since you’re (hopefully) about to enter the final phase of the game’s update development cycle, I decided to take this chance to simply dump all the things I want to bring up in this topic. So, please bear with me.

    First off, I know you intend to update the website at the end of it all, so would it be possible to include a stage map section with labelled enemies, items and bosses? That would be very convenient to players wanting to plan things out (especially given that some fan games have this:

    Also, on the in-game spritework side of things, while the current cutscene illustrations are improved over the early versions, they’re not quite refined enough yet. Have those been fixed even further since then? Even if not, I highly suggest asking Karakato(Dzo), Valo/NeoMan95 and Alm/TEHTACOMAN12321 for assistance with cutscene art in future endeavors.

    If you do intend to give names for the songs at some point, I think Laughing Charade and Blinded Justice might be some good ones.

    This may be obvious, but are Mega Man and Justice Man’s expressions on the title screen meant to reference the Comedy and Drama masks?

    Finally, premature as this could be, I would like to assist you with planning, ideas and co-writing for the possible sequel to Rock Force (since I would love to write for a Mega Man game). Is it possible? Even if you’re not ready to make a new game yet, it is reasonable to at least properly organise the plans for now. I’m just not sure which option for discussing is better, talking on Discord or spoilered topics.

    Thanks for reading this, and happy holidays!



    Sorry for posting again, but I forgot to mention that in regards to the cutscene spritework needing refinement, I was also referring to the scenes that got added in the 2015 update.



    Thanks for that clarification. =/



    Well, I’ll be okay with it if you want to keep the artwork as it is, it’s not a big deal, really. ^_^0

    As for the rest of the questions and stuff, I will patiently wait for your verdict.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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