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    Change log:

    • Mega Man can return to the buster by pressing A and S (both weapon swap keys) simultaneously.
    • Changed spike appearance in Plague Man’s stage.
    • Option and Save screens now transition much more quickly.
    • Mega Man can now use Etanks by pressing start in pause menu. Jump still works too.
    • You can now save after the Intro Level.
    • Vsync mode added to options. (Requires game to be reset after exiting options to take effect.)
    • Entire dialogue text will appear before advancing when jump is pressed.
    • Metools attack much more quickly.
    • Beat will fly off if Mega Man is destroyed.
    • Mega Man can hold charge when game is paused.
    • Added Menu option to stage select screen. Allows for access to password/save and title screen.
    • Added Menu option to pause menu. Allows player to exit level or return to title screen.
    • Enemy invincibility from buster shots has been shortened.
    • Mega Man will not overlap a ceiling when falling from a slide position.
    • Options menu has been changed around slightly.
    • Edited respawn points of some enemies.
    • Some cutscene artwork has been touched up.
    • Mega Man will not jump cancel a slide if down is held.


    • Fixed missing blocks in certain stages.
    • All Mega Man objects can refill health when lives beyond 9 are collected.
    • Charade Clone shouldn’t damage Mega Man when it connects with spikes set to less than instant kill.
    • Circuit Man’s block shouldn’t get stuck in the wall.
    • Weapon Switch plate disappears when killed.
    • Mega Man can’t switch weapons while teleporting.
    • Mega Man can’t charge while teleporting.
    • Collecting a large energy from Eddie in the boss rematch room will not reset the room.
    • Cannot continue sliding once large energy is collected in rematch room.
    • Dropped Eddie items will eventually disappear in rematch chamber hub.
    • Mega Man will detect all blocks when going down a ladder (including barriers during pulse man mid boss).
    • Fixed Mega Fart glitch.
    • Hitting Virus Man’s flukes with anything more powerful than a buster shot will not make them invincible.
    • Mega Man no longer turns green when he hits the ground while firing Phantom Fuse.
    • Healing sound no longer overlaps.
    • You can now see the bar fill when Mega Man has recovered health or weapon energy.
    • Shock rails are no longer affected by enemy weapons.
    • Shooting off a Phantom Fuse before a screen transition will not softlock the game.
    • Charged shots do correct amount of damage to Joes when shield is up.
    • When mapping keys, keys retain their identities even after being mapped to other keys.
    • The cane in Charade Man’s stage now shouldn’t pull or push you into walls.
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