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    Change Log:
    Boss battles have adjustable difficulty.
    Stages have adjustable difficulty.
    Bosses have adjusted patterns and additional attacks in higher difficulties.
    Mega Man will float less when he walks off cliffs.
    Mega Man cannot slide over double block wide gaps.
    Mega Man’s movement is more controlled when tapping left or right.
    Mega Man can step out a bit further over ledges.
    Most similar noises will not stack and increase volume.
    Tango has been buffed: less start up, moves twice as fast, and slows when cutting through enemies.
    The generosity of Eddie’s drops are determined by the stage difficulty setting.
    Eddie consumes more energy (the same amount for each difficulty setting).
    Enemy drops also change with the stage difficulty setting.
    Enemy drops will fade away more quickly on higher stage difficulty settings.
    Shock Water reveals its nature more quickly.
    All bosses have weaknesses.
    Adjusted how Mega Man blinks.
    Menu cursors now wrap from top to bottom or bottom to top.
    Difficulty Settings now have their own submenu in Options.
    Weapon strength and Mega Man’s durability can be changed under Difficulty Settings.
    The healing effect can be changed under Extra Options in the Options Menu.
    Polar Man is vulnerable while split.
    Enemies will despawn the moment Mega Man touches a boss gate.
    Justice Man won’t talk again when Mega Man returns to the final battle.
    Justice Man now has tells in the first session of his fight.
    Vsync mode no longer requires game to be reset.
    Player can set game’s processing priority on a computer.
    Added extra slide button.
    There is now an option to change all keys.
    Once all Rock Force members are rescued, they will assist Mega Man at certain points later on.
    The default difficulty settings have been changed.
    The player cannot enter and exit the Pause Menu by holding down the Pause button.
    After fighting the Met Monger in Shock Man’s stage, the floor blows open more quickly.
    Enemy explosions can also destroy green blocks.

    Bug Fixes:
    Screen will not flash image of level before exiting the level.
    From standing still, Mega Man will slide in the proper direction he is facing when infected.
    Mega Man should not be able to run ahead of the screen in Terror Man’s stage.
    Refilling Virus Outbreak or Beat at certain energy levels no longer causes the game to lock.
    Loop triggers will stay attached to the moving spike platform in Death Man’s stage.
    Can’t occasionally pause during in level dialogue.
    Pressing jump immediately after a slide shouldn’t trigger another slide.
    Movements properly reset after defeating a boss and gaining the weapon.
    Shooting animation properly resets after sliding, taking damage, or falling over.
    Mega Man can no longer ledge grab onto slide gaps.
    Sliding Charade Clone into Virus Man damages him properly.
    Mega Man can only enter boss gates at a limited height to prevent glitching into the ceiling.
    Mega Man won’t move while using Phantom Fuse in boss chambers.
    Mega Man no longer flashes a different color when entering boss gates.
    Mega Man won’t occasionally double jump when touching walls.
    Justice Man won’t disappear from first scene when current game is exited and new game is started.
    If a directional key is held when a stage ends, Mega Man won’t retain movement into the next stage.
    Getting damaged by a Shock Floor during a boss battle now counts against a perfect victory.
    Returning to the Title Screen from the rematch chamber and starting another game won’t cause issues.
    Using Phantom F. and S. Gauntlet will not restore Mega Man’s movements in rematch chambers.
    READY won’t flash again when Mega Man reenters the rematch chamber after defeating a boss.
    Circuits in Circuit Man’s stage will not overlap Mega Man while he is invincible.
    Eddie won’t drop large health energies in rematch chambers.
    Crypt Man will no longer occassionally reappear in the left wall of his rematch chamber.
    Mega Man’s landing sound won’t sometimes play when falling into pits.
    Mega Man can no longer occassionally slide behind boss gates.
    Beat properly follows Mega Man in the Monster’s Maze.
    Using ice or conveyor belts to increase Mega Man’s speed won’t result in him glitching into a wall.
    Conveyor belts won’t pushing a sliding Mega Man inside falling Circuit Blocks.
    Mega Man won’t keep his charging colors after holding shoot and switching weapons via the pause menu.
    Mega Man shouldn’t ever be able to duplicate himself.
    Charade Man mid boss won’t jump into walls after being defeated.
    Charade Man’s clones and Shock Walkers won’t occasionally stick to a wall.
    Mega Man will not go down a ladder while using Phantom Fuse.
    Mega Man won’t change color if Pause is pressed immediately after teleporting.
    Holding the pause button for a while will not eventually cause the screen to freak out.
    Fixed errors on a few enemies.
    Rush will spring you up to a more consistent height.

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