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    Change Log:
    The Rock Force members become playable characters once rescued.
    Defeating Crypt Man, Virus Man, Shock Man, or Charade Man last will yield four new Combination Masters.
    The layout of the final level has been completely changed.
    Added a bolt system and Auto’s Shop.
    Added W-tanks.
    Added Spike Guards.
    Added an Energy Balancer upgrade.
    Altered the behavior of hostile Shock Gauntlets to continue working even when they’re out of view.
    The bar under M. Buster in the pause menu no longer reflects the player’s remaining life.
    Retired the password screen.
    Crypt Cloak won’t drain power when the player doesn’t have control over Mega Man.
    Rush and Tango’s teleportation is less sensitive to nearby walls.
    Added music to the Options Menu.
    A few stages have had graphical touch-ups.
    A few enemies have had graphical touch-ups.
    Revamped Charade Man’s stage music.
    Updated boss portraits.
    Existing cutscene artwork has been updated.
    New scenes and artwork have been added.
    Certain story elements have been edited.
    SFX adjustment is much more gradual.
    Sawsuns now appear at fixed positions from each side of the screen.
    Bug Bombers now appear from a fixed position on the screen.
    Certain Hard Mode elements have been toned down.
    Removed Death Man’s horizontal scythe throw.
    The hook in Charade Man’s stage only becomes solid when it’s pulling back.
    It is now a requirement to beat the Intro Level before starting a new save file.
    Switched some menu options around.
    Adjusted Death Man’s selection sequence.
    Watchers now fire the same bolts they did from MM1.
    Exiting a level will not restore lives and tanks that were used.
    Added a little more to Knight Man’s assist in Death Man’s level.
    Terror Man is no longer invincible while attacking from the ceiling.
    Connected Shock Tiles will all activate instantly when electrified rather than cascade outward.
    Robot Masters won’t sink one pixel into the ground occasionally while fighting.
    AstroZombiegs lose parts more consistently when damaged.

    Bug Fixes:
    Adjusted the camera for Flare Man’s boss room.
    Damaging TNT or thrown flower heads with anything stronger than the Mega Buster will not make them invincible.
    Justice Man won’t sometimes freeze if defeated in the center of his chamber.
    Choosing to Restore Default options is consistent with the default options when starting the game for the first time.
    Shock Man won’t occasionally stick to the walls.
    Fixed tiling errors in a few stages.
    Fixed some misspellings in the credits.
    Quickly getting through the wall in the coffin room will despawn the Knight Man helper.
    Shock Walkers won’t get stuck shocking the ground if scrolled off screen at an exact moment.
    When facing Squirm in Terror Man’s stage, the player can’t skip the final room ahead of time.
    If Mega Man slides into an appearing block he will be pushed out.
    Exiting from the boss rematch chamber via the pause menu will restart the entire final stage.
    Getting crushed by a falling block while using Charade Clone and sliding won’t soft lock the game.
    Holding the Jump Button will not prevent Mega Man from using the Slide Button.
    Photon Man’s photon flare attack won’t continue after his defeat.
    Weapons won’t affect enemies in off-screen chunks.
    On hard, charged Buster shots won’t go through bosses unless it’s the final blow.
    Solar blocks no longer have premature power loss.

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