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    • Knockback has been reduced and can be adjusted.
    • The player can slide cancel when direction is changed.
    • The time to charge up a shot has been reduced.
    • The player can choose how spikes will damage Mega Man.
    • A new save file system has been implemented.
    • The new save system allows for saving between the final stages.
    • The number of checkpoints can be changed by the player.
    • The default controls have been changed.
    • The stage select cursor now begins on Mega Man’s portrait.
    • Less enemies will explode upon defeat.
    • Mega Man no longer gets stuck when damaged in slide paths.
    • Mega Man recovers 10 bars from large energies rather than 8.
    • Pausing will place the cursor on the weapon Mega Man was last using.
    • The intro scene will replay once the title screen music has finished and no player input is detected.
    • Mega Man can detach from ladders more quickly.
    • Minor alterations have been made to the ending dialogue.
    • Informational screens and most cutscenes can be skipped.
    • Mega Man can now fire more rapidly.
    • Deflected shots will clear the screen more quickly.
    • Mega Man’s hit box has been modified.
    • Most enemy and obstacle hit boxes have also been modified.
    • Mega Man detaches from ladders much lower than before.
    • He can also grab ladders further above his head.
    • The charge shot will not continue to charge while sliding.
    • Some levels have had minor alterations.
    • The strength of Mega Man’s slide ability can be adjusted.
    • The duration of Mega Man’s recovery period can be adjusted.

    Bug Fixes: *Spoilers*

    • The pause screen glitch preventing input from the player has been fixed.
    • Terror Man can only summon a finite number of buggers.
    • Terror Man cannot be defeated off screen.
    • The electrified water will destroy Mega Man’s clone rather than damage Mega Man.
    • A similar modification has been made to the shock tiles.
    • The electrified water will not send Mega Man into the ceiling.
    • Rash blocks (snake platforms) will not send Mega Man into the wall.
    • Mega Man’s clone will lower on the coffin with the player.
    • Spikes will squash the player to death in Death Man’s stage.
    • Volcanoid and Chilbert no longer react to player weapons.
    • The player can no longer pause during transport.
    • The music won’t stop when the game is paused.
    • The charge shot no longer stops invincibility frame flashing.
    • Rush Coil no longer refills when the weapon swap is used.
    • Deflected shots will not make multiple *ding* sounds.
    • Mega Man cannot detach from ladders while climbing.
    • Items no longer pass through spikes and other platforms.
    • Mega Man will not stop firing on a ladder if the fire button is pressed too rapidly.
    • Utilities should not spawn in walls.
    • Pit Pods will not explode when regenerating in a pit.
    • Tube Tank barriers will not glitch the player into a wall.
    • Mega Man reliably attaches to ladders he is closest to.
    • Mega Man will not turn invisible if his recovery period ends while sliding.
    • Robot Masters will align to the proper Y-coordinate when Mega Man enters the boss chamber.
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