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    • Do not spam these boards.
    • Treat others kindly and with respect.
    • No flaming will be tolerated.
    • Please, refrain from using vulgar language and posting content that is NSFW. This is a website used by all ages.
    • Use the Search to make sure a topic hasn’t already been posted.
    • If your post refers to content beyond the initial eight robot masters, please use a *SPOILERS* tag to properly warn others.
    • Do not register an account named “Admin”, “Moderator”, or anything else made specifically to confuse other users. Also, keep in mind that real administrators will never ask you for your password. Please, report this immediately if it happens.

    Failing to abide by these rules, or committing any other transgression on this board, will result in either a warning or an immediate ban. The severity and length of the punishment is determined by the intensity of the wrong committed; the posting of a spoiler without a proper warning will likely result in a warning, while posting adult content will result in an immediate and permanent ban. This is entirely subjective, so it’s best not to push anything.

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