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Main Cast Rock Force Robot Rebels

Mega Man: Mega Man was once the robotic assistant to Dr. Light, until the schemes of the nefarious Dr. Wily prompted his conversion into a fighting robot. After years of foiling Wily's schemes, Mega Man's optimistic views on achieving everlasting piece have since diminished. To combat future threats, Mega Man assembled the Rock Force, a diverse team of powerful Robot Masters.

Justice Man: Justice Man was created by Dr. Light to aid Mega Man's development of the Rock Force. While he shares Mega Man's combat capabilites and views on justice, he retains his own personality and thought processes. His and Mega Man's bond has grown strong thoughout the development of the Rock Force.

Dr. Light: Dr. Thomas Light is the world's foremost specialist in the field of robotics and has created many Robot Masters to ultimately aid mankind's development. After analyzing the bizarre viral code of a few Robot Masters Mega Man had encountered, the prospect of true robotic freewill has been weighing on Dr. Light's mind. It is his dream that one day robots and humans will coexist with peace and equality.

Roll: Since Mega Man's conversion into a fighting robot, Roll has taken over as Dr. Light's assistant. She cares very deeply for Dr. Light's creations and has grown especially fond of Justice Man.

All Mega Man characters in this game are the copyrighted property of Capcom. This is a fan made game and is therefore not affiliated with Capcom and should not be sold.