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Main Cast Rock Force Robot Rebels

Cut Man: Cut Man is one of Dr. Light's original robot masters and was the fourth created in the series. He can be a bit gullible, simplistic, and stubborn, but he has a good core and is loyal to Mega Man. Well, nobody is quite certain why he attacked Mega Man during the first evil energy crisis; some assume he was infected by the energy, or just having a really bad day... Despite this unusual event, Cut Man primarily assisted Mega Man when he could, especially during the Ra Moon trials, when Cut Man was one of few robot masters immunized from the corrupting effects of the Ra Moon super computer. Because he is brave and true, Mega Man considers him an important asset to the team.

Elec Man: Elec Man is a bit of a pompous and uncooperative robot, but stands as one of Dr. Light's most powerful robots, aside from Mega Man and Proto Man. Despite his arrogance, he will work with others with a bit of coaxing from Dr. Light and Mega Man, two figures he greatly respects. He is also incredibly intelligent and competent, and he will risk himself to defend those he cares about without hesitation.

Bomb Man: Mega Man felt a demolitions robot was a necessary addition to the team, and because Gutsman is always busied by new projects, Bomb Man was all too willing to volunteer. Bomb Man brings a much needed sense of humor and light-heartedness to the team, but knows when to take things seriously. He is an apt combatant, but he doesn't do well at close range considering his bombs are both a danger to himself and his opponents. Bomb Man is also a risk taker, though this carries both good and bad aspects.

Fire Man: When Mega Man began inducting members into his team, Fire Man was a complete no-brainer. Fire Man's primary concern has always been about justice; in fact, it was he who suggested the name Justice Man for Mega Man's assistant robot. Even though he is a bit menacing at first glance, his demeanor is quite the opposite; you couldn't find a more friendly robot! It is because of Fire Man's power and team skills that Mega Man feels he will be indispensable to the Rock Force. However, Fire Man can be a bit of of a hot head sometimes.

Dive Man: Dive Man was a seafaring robot built by Dr. Cossack with the simple purpose of catching fish for human consumption. When Dr. Wily blackmailed Dr. Cossack into modifying his robots for combat, Dive Man's weapon, Dive Missile, was transformed in to deadly homing torpedo. Even though he was defeated by Mega Man, Mega Man found Dive Man's underwater capabilities and generally honorable disposition toward the sea to be great assets for the Rock Force. With a sudden influx of simpler, yet more efficient, fishing robots entering his domain, Dive Man was fairly eager to join Mega Man's cause and become a true defender of the ocean.

Knight Man: Mega Man has always been fascinated by Knightman; even though he was built primarily for combat, Knight Man is incredibly chivalrous and just. After Knight Man was defeated by Mega Man and repaired, he always felt the need to make up for his past wrongdoings, even if they weren't his fault. Therefore, because Knight Man's inclusion in the Rock Force would serve multiple needs, Mega Man eagerly asked Knight Man to join.

Tornado Man: Due to Tornado Man's research, humanity now has a better understanding of dangerous weather systems. Unforunately, because of this and the increase of simpler weather repelling robots, Tornado Man's purpose became obsolete and he was scheduled to be scrapped. After Wily modified him, Tornado Man became a formidable combatant, capable of generating powerful whirlwinds and moving at great speeds. Though Dr. Light repaired him, Tornado Man remained a combat robot that aided Mega Man on a few smaller excursions. With more training, Mega Man feels Tornado Man could follow him into more dangerous missions; thus, when the Rock Force was established, Tornado Man was the first member inducted.

Nitro Man: Being a stunt robot, Nitro Man is an avid thrill seeker. However, after pulling off one of his most deadly feats, Nitro Man simply can't get the same satisfaction out of subsequent stunts. He desired more purpose, a purpose Mega Man was completely willing to grant. With his bold nature and incredibly fast ground speed, Nitro Man would serve as an incredible asset to the team. Even though he is somewhat blunt, he works very well with the other Robot Masters.

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